12pan Granulating Rembrandt Watercolor Metal Box


Rembrandt ‘Granulating’ Watercolor 12pan Metal Box

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The pigments of these colors separate from one another on the paper resulting in a grainy (granulating) effect. This set consists of 9 monopigmented colors and 3 Rembrandt ‘dusk colors’.

Rembrandt watercolors are made in Holland of only the best materials. This professional-quality color range is made from the purest pigments and purest quality gum arabic for brilliant and constant colors.

The metal tin has hinged lids to use for mixing wells. Includes a travel brush and 12 watercolor paint pans in the following colors:

  • ┬áDusk Yellow (230)

  • Raw Sienna (234)

  • Dusk Pink (373)

  • Greenish Umber (410)

  • French Ultramarine (503)

  • Ultramarine Violet (507)

  • Cerulean Blue (534)

  • Cobalt Violet (539)

  • Viridian (616)

  • Green Earth (Terre Verte) (629)

  • Dusk Green (630)

  • Cobalt Turquoise Green (682)

This product contains a chemical know
to the State of California to cause cancer.
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