#4-New Bonus Savings items 10/26/20- Kuretake, Hahnemuhle and more!

#4-New Bonus Savings items 10/26/20- Kuretake, Hahnemuhle and more!

Zig Inktober Ultra-fine Brush Pen Set/2 $17.60

A set of new brush pens that were released at the beginning of this year!  Both are ultra-fine tips, ideal for drawing fine details in illustrations. White brush pen is an excellent pen for highlighting or correcting mistakes in illustrations.

Kuretake ai Liner (Ultra fine brush pen)

Zig Inktober Ink Set/3 $14.16

You can try 3 different Kuretake inks with this set!  Sumi Ink and Black Ink utilize the original concepts found in the roots of traditional sumi ink production where Kuretake originated.  Both Sumi and Black ink are smudge-proof with alcohol-based markers.   ZIG White ink is highly opaque and ideal for highlights or corrections; the white ink covers other markings well and shows up distinctly on dark surfaces.

ZIG Cartoonist SUMI INK 20ml (water-based pigment/ Animal glue type)
 ZIG Cartoonist BLACK INK 20ml (water-based pigment/ Synthetic resin type)
 ZIG Cartoonist WHITE INK 30g (water-based pigment)

Zig Inktober Set $14.70 (low stock)

This set includes everything you need for drawing in black and white. Enjoy the selection of the best markers and brush pens from Kuretake!

FUDE PEN #55 “NIHON-DATE KABURA” (water-based dye)
ZIG Cartoonist BRUSH PEN WHITE (water-based pigment)
ZIG Cartoonist MANGAKA 01 (water-based pigment)
ZIG Cartoonist MANGAKA FLEXIBLE Fine (water-based pigment)

We’ve also added Zig’s Clean Color Dot pen (in sets) and their great Calligraphy pen (also in sets). All are 20% off everyday!

Extra Hahnemuhle discounts on:

Hand Lettering pads. (A5 $3.00 – A4 $5.00). Highly smooth paper, 25sht pads.
Mixed Media Universalblock (9×12 $9.00 – 12×16 $13.00) 25sht blocks of fine grain textured paper good for water media.
Zig-Zag watercolor book. (A6 $11.90) 18 pages of watercolor paper folded in an accordion style.
Watercolor Postcards. (30 cards + metal tin $8.99) Just a fun and cool way to buy and use blank watercolor cards.

An old favorite is back: Hahnemuhle Toned Watercolor Journals. – 30% off! The gently toned watercolour paper with a weight of 200gsm has an even, fine-grained surface structure on both sides providing a natural background foryour artwork. The Toned Watercolour Book is available in either grey or beige watercolour paper. Suitable for all wet techniques.

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