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Spokane Art Supply has been serving the Spokane area for over 63 years, providing great prices on all the art supplies you need.

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Equipment: Easels and Tables

Many table-top styles of easels available from the $11.99 metal folding to the Ravenna wood box easel for $80.00!

Great table options. Glass-top, traditional drafting and craft. We carry drafting height chairs at great prices.


Brands: Alvin. Studio Designs.

We carry all styles: tabletop & display...studio and travel. All easels with msrps over $50.00 on sale at 35-50% off everyday.


Brands: BEST. Art Advantage. Art Alternative. Jacknife.

Paints: Acrylic, Oil, Water Colors, and Gouache



Brands: Golden HB 2oz/5oz, Hi-Flow 1oz, Fluid 1oz, Open 2oz


Galeria 200ml. Grumbacher Academy 75ml/200mll

Art Advantage 4oz. Cheep 4/16

Huge selection of acrylics from artist-grade to craft.


Brands: Liquitex Heavy Body. M.Graham 2oz/5oz

We may have more oils than we need! Every tube has an everyday-low-price.

Brands: M Graham 37/150ml

Gamblin 37ml Artist & 1980

Brands: Daniel Smith 37ml Williamsburg 37ml.  Academy by Grumbacher 37ml & 150ml

Richeson Oil by Shiva

select Winsor & Newton Artist

We currently stock 2 lines of water-soluble oils with mediums.

Brands: Daniel Smith, Winsor&Newton Artisan

Water Colors

A full selection of artist-grade paint, student paint in tubes and in sets...and even some goauche!

We have a nice selection of sets. Inexpensive & mid-priced tubes, pans sets and a great number of travel sets.

Canvas and Surfaces

We carry a great range of Fredrix stretched canvas from 8"x10" up to 60"x72"!...lots of big sizes. We also carry the 7/8 width, 1.5" width...and a few 2.25" widths!

Need a panel, look to us. Toned panels from Jack Richeson, two displays filled with Ampersand options, and Tara's Pro Series boards and panels.

Keep an eye out for extra specials, also. We try and run a few very popular sizes on special all the time!


All Tara/Fredrix is 50% off all the time!

Books and Painting Accessories


New Titles!

An updated selection of adult coloring books

A nice selection of books starting at $8.95.

Painting Accessories

Brush Cleaners, check

Palette Knives, check

paper, plastic, glass, enamel and travel palettes, check

Our new selectin of Tara painting knives.

Plastic palettes from Stan Miller's favorite Pikes Palette, to our favorite folding palette for only $5.95.

Colored Pencils


Wax & Oil-based pencils:


Prismacolor eaches & sets

Polychromos eaches & sets

Polycolor eaches & sets

Pablo eaches & sets

Goldfaber eaches & sets

Watersoluble options also:


Faber Durer eaches & sets

Neocolor II sticks eaches

Goldfaber eaches & sets

Inktense eaches and sets

For a fun colored pencil option, we stock the woodless colored pencils from Koh-I-Noor. $1 each, .79 cents each if you buy 12 or more!

We stock soft pastels.


Pan Pastels



Nu Pastels

Now stocking Rembrandt and Schmincke sets (along with the NuPastel).


Carb-Othello pencils also!


Markers, Pens, & Inks

We stock the complete range of Copic sketch markers. $7.99 each or $5.99 each if you buy 5 or more assorted.

The complete range of Prismacolor chisel markers.

Pitt pens! Grab the Big Pitt Pens while they are available (being dropped in 2019)



Man do we like our markers. Samples try-out, and many of your favorites.


Dual Tombow Brush

Stabilo 88

Complete range of Microns

Uchida LePens

All Gelly Rolls

Sign pens from Pentel

Selection of Kuretake

Not pictured, but we do stock a number of paint pens.




DecoColor oil-based



Dr. Martin's Radiant

Selection of Higgins

Winsor & Newton Calligraphy

Marabu Graphix Inks

We also have the complete range of F&W and Amsterdam acrylic ink.


Speedball and Brause nibs.


Spray Paints & Airbrush

We stock the near complete ranges of Montana 94 and Hardcore 2.

$8.99 a can or if you buy 6 or more cans (assorted), take 20% off.

This is not an image of Ironlak, but we do stock the 48 most popular colors. $7.95 each and take 20% off at 6 or more cans.


Spray Paints

We stock Iwata and Paasche guns along with Createx colors.


We do stock many parts if you need a quick fix.



We also have 4 styles of Simply Simmons brushes, Faux Kolinsky and Faux Squirrels from FW Brush and a drop of DaVinci (Casaneo).

We do stock a nice selectin of sumi-e brushes from both Yasutomo and Paragon Arts. Hake brushes, inks, papers and more.

We are constantly adding new brushes all the time. New for spring 2019, the Tendo travel brush.


A ton, literaly, of paper. Watercolor paper from postcard size to 40"x60" Arches sheets.

Many sketch options. Toned papers, hardbound sketch, bristol, vellum, newsprint and so much more.

A stock Crescent matboard. Near full ranges of both their regular series ($9.95 a 32"x40" sheet) and their select series ($14.95).

Framing Supplies & Matboard

We stock full-sheets of Crescent matboard. A selection of their regular series board at $9.95ea, Select boards at $14.95ea..and black core, fome board and some oversized.

We do Custom Framing! We have 2 framers on staff and we can do almost anything! Jerseys, stretches, delicate items, needlepoint...we've seen it all.

We have a selection of wood ready-made frames and a nice selection of pre-cut mats.

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Brands: Americana 2oz bottles. Amsterdam 20ml. 2oz Multi-Surface Color. 16oz Graduate. Multiple set options.

Resized oils 0B4A0221 0B4A0222 0B4A0230 0B4A0231 Brushes1resized 0B4A0233 0B4A0236 0B4A0240 0B4A0241 0B4A0246 0B4A0248 0B4A0255 0B4A0258 0B4A0256 0B4A0262 0B4A0265 0B4A0266 0B4A0267 0B4A0253 0B4A0290 0B4A0287 0B4A0317 0B4A0245 0B4A0278 0B4A0283 0B4A0276 0B4A0309 0B4A0311 Canvas 0B4A0352 0B4A0351

Current Specials:


All Golden 25% off

M. Graham 40% off

Liquitex 20-25% off

Cheep 5oz tubes only $2.95ea

Art Advantage $4.68ea

64oz acrylics under $20ea

Sets on sale everyday

2oz craft paints $1.49-$1.89ea

Current Specials:


M Graham 40% off

Gamlin Artist 25% off

Gamblin 1980 37ml 20% off

8/16oz Gamblin mediums 20%

Daniel Smith Oils 40% off

Shiva Oil Paints 30% off

Grumbacher Oils 30% off

Cheep oils $3.29ea

Williamsburg 30% off

Williamsburg mediums 30%

Richeson Oils 25% off


M Graham 15ml tubes

Winsor & Newton Pro 14ml

Holbein Artist 15ml

Daniel Smith 15ml

QoR 11ml

Koi Tubes & Sets

Grumbacher Academy 7.5ml


M Graham 15ml tubes

Art Advantage & Talens Sets

Current Specials:


M Graham 40% off

Daniel Smith 40% off

Holbein 25% off

Winsor & Newton Pro 20-25%

M. Graham gouache 40% off

Koi tube/travel sets 20-25% off

QoR tubes/sets 25-30% off

Current Specials:


All Tara Fredrix stretched canvas and panels 50% off

Tara rolls 25% off


Art Advantage bulk packs of stretched canvas $21.99ea


Art Alternative

stretched canvas  45-60%off


Ampersand panels: Gessobord, Claybord, Aquabord 25% off

Imported Ampersand 35% off


Toned Richeson panels 50% off

0B4A0234 0B4A0277 0B4A0243 0B4A0249 0B4A0264 0B4A0259 0B4A0257 0B4A0358 0B4A0252



Princeton: #4850 Aqua Elite, #4050 Watercolor, #7000 Siberia long sable, #3750 Elite, #6600 Synthetic Mongoose, #6400 Catalyst, #5200 long bristle, Snap! all sizes, plus many brush sets!


Silver Brush: Ruby Satin short, Silver Jumbo, Golden Natural short,  Silver SIlk 88, Atelier Quills, Mops.


Royal Brush: Vienna long, Zen 43 long synthetick, Zen 83 short watercolor. Mini Majestic.


Connoisseur: White Taklon long & short, Pure Red Sable long, White Bristle, Gold sable, 007 Kolinsky, Mops & Squirrels.

Most of our individual pencils, soft pastels (and many markers) have price reductions the more eaches you buy. For example:


1 Prismacolor pencil is $2.10ea


6 + Prismacolor pencils are  $1.73ea


12 + Prismacolor pencils are $1.49ea


Any way you want to assort. We figure you can then stock-up or build your own set and save.