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The Great Art Adventure - October 6th & 7th!

Our biggest sale and consumer event of the year. Extra discounts on everything. Demos and manufacture reps here to talk to you about many things artsy.


The "Understanding Contemporary Oil Painting Materials lecture & demonstration is scheduled for Saturday, Oct 7th at 10:00 am.

See complete details on this flyer!


Gambin Oil: Artist Jamee Linton Kelly will be here to talk everything Gamblin including mediums and solvents, show off their 1980 oils that we’ve just added, and to give a Oil Painting lecture 10:00 on Saturday, Oct 7th. Bring all your oil painting related questions and get your best deals of the year.


M. Graham Color. Ron Stocke, the new Colorman from the M. Graham paint will be here. He is a great watercolor artist and will be demonstrating M. Graham watercolors and building a workshop for next spring. He is also bringing the newest 25 colors of the M. Graham oil paint line. He’ll have a bonus brush or color offer for anyone buying paint, and is another fountain of knowledge.


Marabu. Annie from Marabu will be here on Saturday, don’t miss her demonstration of their marbling kit…it can be used on 3D items. She will also demo their Art Spray, Fashion Spray, Art Crayons as well as the new Contour & Effect Liners and Fashion Liners. We’ve added Textil, Glass & Porcelain kits as we grow our ever increasing Marabu selection.


Strathmore. Kari is back with us this year. New Vision pads as well as the coolest addition to their line: Toned Mixed Media pads. She will demonstrate these and show off the unknown stars of the Strathmore line (black chalk paper).


Golden Artist Colors. Dave and Darcie are back to answer your questions and have added local artist and instructor Elise Beattie to the mix. Elise is back in town and ready to teach and demonstrate her “fearless” mixed media acrylic and watercolor techniques. Stand back as she pours and splashes QoR watercolor and Golden acrylics and talks all the crazy mediums. Dave and Darcie will also have new mediums from Daniel Smith and new panels from Fredrix Canvas.


Gary Lange is here this year and represents Molotow and the Koh-I-Noor family of goods. A

complete new paper range that includes watercolor papers, vellums and Bristol to name a few, any Grumbacher item, Molotow paint markers and drawing materials. Extra savings on colored-pencil sets and pads.


The Athena Group. Aaron, Brandy and Cindy are back to demonstrate so many items. They will be showing Shiva oil sticks, Sofft tools and Pan Pastels, Brush-O powdered watercolors (individual colors!), Jovi Clay and a new selection of LED lights.


Steve with C2f/Pentallic/Aquabee. Steve will again have a selection of 40-50% off Aquabee pads and is in charge of our door-prize giveaways this year!


Scott with Uchida and Tombow. Scott is in to talk drawing supplies. The Tombow Dual Brush pen, Mono pencils and erasers along with Uchida LePens and our newest Paint Pens.


Yasutomo. Christine is back splashing colors and talking sumi-e materials!

Other Demonstrators:




Joe Kronenberg: will be here painting in oil. Sponsored by M. Graham oil paints and Tara Canvas.


Wes Hanson: will be here showing his watercolor stylings. Sponsored by Arches Paper and Winsor & Newton colors.


Barry Blackerby: will be here painting his oils and talking up his Wednesday Open Studio class.


Diane Sherman: will be here showing her mixed media journaling works. She will be using materials from Strathmore, Kuretake and Golden.


David Lopez: will be here drawing. Sponsored by Stilman & Birn journals, Kuretake and Sakura drawing supplies.