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Bids and special prices

We often get asked to offer donations and competitive prices on bulk items for special events, schools, camps, or large art projects. We almost always succeed in providing you with everyday low prices, but we can do even better if you give us a few days to find the best deal for you!

SM mixed Media Tone

Big Strathmore Savings!

New Mixed Media Toned pads and many other options 33-40% off!

Extra Savings NOW!!!

EcoQua Journals now 25% off. All grided, stapled, plain, spiral, dot...


Artbar Sticks closeout. Now only $0.99 a stick


Pentallic Aqua Journals 33-40% off. 5 sizes available


New Tara Primed Panels...Available in 3 tones and in pads


Aquabee #808, #837 and Pen Sketchers Pads 33-40% off!


Canvas Bundles now only $19.99.

8"x10" bundle has 8 canvases; 16"x20" bundle has 5


Krylon Finishes has a crazy price. Artist cans $9.99 White cans $7.99


NEW Grumbacher pads. 33% off new styles and technology


Strathmore Vision pads 42% off


Don't miss our everyday savings on paint (M. Graham 40%, Golden 25-30%) Bushes (almost all 25-40% off) and paper (Hardbound black sketch now $7.99!)

The Great Art Adventure - October 6th & 7th!

Our biggest sale and consumer event of the year. Extra discounts on everything. Demos and manufacture reps here to talk to you about many things artsy.


The "Understanding Contemporary Oil Painting Materials lecture & demonstration is scheduled for Saturday, Oct 7th at 10:00 am.

See complete details on this flyer!