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Fearless Painting Art Classes

with Elise Beattie  visit her webpage for even more info

My art is influenced by my imagination and love of photography which is where I jump start my creativity. I like to step beyond the reality of what I see preferring to paint my feelings. My goal is to allow my emotions to mix with inspiration and create a fusion of representation and abstraction. My “Fearless” method involves pouring paint. Using numerous layers of watercolor, acrylics and sometimes collage, I create cloaks of mystery; which redirect my interpretation of reality. Eventually my feelings, pours and the patterns created, transform my imagination to become a painting inspired by passion’s gift.

Upcoming Workshops: (complete info on flyer)

Complete Fearless Flyer updated 3/15/18

Fearless Landscape Painting with Acrylics  $80.00+tax $87.04

Saturday, March 24 10:30am-4:30pm & Sunday, March 25 noon-5:00pm


Inspirational Techniques for Fearless Painting  

$130.00 + tax 146.88

Friday, June 1/Saturday, June 2 10:30am-4:30pm & Sunday, june 3 noon-5:00pm

Elise Stairway to Heavan image002

"Landscape" © 2017 BEATTIE


Used with permission.

"The Iris is brand new and will be in my solo show at Dodson’s come Feb 2018!"




Made with a combination of poured watercolors, fluid acrylics, and paper collage on watercolor paper.


Used with permission

bon voyage


"Bon Voyage" © 2015 BEATTIE


(See this peice in person in the upcoming workshops!)


Used with permission.